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DUNN EDWARDS – EVEREST Our featured line of paint is Dunn Edwards- Everest. EVEREST is a complete line of ultra premium, low odor, Zero VOC, self priming, 100% acrylic paints ideal for use on high-end residential and commercial projects. They apply easily and feature exceptional hide, superior scrub resistance, washability and adhesion. We are committed to making the world more colorful and less volatile by supplying paints that are safer for your home and better for our planet. Come in and check out the fantastic color selection or bring in a favorite of your own for us to match!

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AMERICAN CLAY A natural clay plaster that offers the most beautiful walls an interior environment could have. This plaster gives softness to a room that creates a warmth and comfort like nothing else. We have a special expertise in the plaster area, and have been using American Clay in our application business for about 6 years. American Clay’s Earth Plasters allow you to infuse your office with the texture, color and character of the natural world. Transform your home from a place you live into a place with life.

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NOVA COLOR An assortment of Lime Plasters that brings the art of Lime into a bucket. High end stunning finishes that are perfect for entry ways, accent walls, fireplaces, and water-resistant needs. Nova Color offers a variety of plasters, including Tadelakt, Marmorino, Intonachino, Metallics, and many decorative finishes. These finishes are becoming a popular choice for modern homes and taking over design, becoming an architectural trend.

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 AFM SAFECOAT For over 25 years, AFM Satecoat has been working to develop the safest, highest quality and least toxic paints and building products. AFM safecoat is a leading provider of environmentally responsible, sustainable and non-polluting, stains, wood finishes, sealers and related green building products. They have set the standard for protecting personal health through reduced toxicity. You can breathe easier with AFM Safecoat — because they take your health seriously. We feel lucky to have these products, they are easy to work with and always have a technical rep available.

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BIO SHIELD Healthy Living Paints, BioShield offers Clay Paint, Chalk/Marble Paint, Oils, and Floor Finishes.

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COTTAGE PAINT This is the think-outside-the-box product; the creative paint! Expression is perfect for layering and combining different products to achieve unique results. Get creative: Paint furniture, lampshades, trays, mason jars and anything your heart desires! Enjoyable and simple-to-use product. Ideal for panting furniture in just a few steps. Take your “me time” to transform the items you love in a pleasing way!

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ECO PROCOTE A trusted brand of high performance sustainable coating innovations  that specialize only in advanced chemical engineering that help reduce or eliminate petroleum based content. Ecoprocote uses renewable resources and recycled content that replicates or out performs conventional products. In addition to these favorable attributes, their products are designed to save material and time to help further  lower the carbon footprint. The installer’s benefits are immeasurable by eliminating constant exposure tohazardous ingredients and increasing their visibility as leading edge experts in their field. Ecoprocote is a very creative company that have products that get me gitty. All lines are made from a base of Soy Ester, which has a high penetration rate and holding ability. Ecoprocote has wood stains, concrete stains and concrete resurfacing systems, sealers, strippers, degreasers and much more. This is a small company that is making big things happen, with huge military contracts and large industry as customers.

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HERITAGE Only 5 ingredients in all blends: Linseed Oil, Tung Oil, Beeswax, Pine Resin, and Orange Oil. High performing, all natural penetrating oil finishes for timbers, logs, cabinetry, siding, decks, doors, tool handles, fine furniture, earthen floors, and more! Beautiful, long lasting, non-toxic finishes that weather the ages with beauty and grace. All natural, non-toxic, low VOC, and non-ozone depleting, no petroleum products or heavy metal dryers used.

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