Interior Design

We approach our designs through sustainable practices and use of materials.  We value strong connections with our clients and hope to develop creations and relationships that tell stories to enrich the life of everything around.

Color Consultation

Color is a powerful design tool. Simply by attentively crafting the arrangement and use of color can transform a space by shifting the mood, creating an illusion of size /  shape, directing movement, creating a focal point, and much more. Incorporating texture and pattern can also enhance a space. 

Our color consultations consist of a 1-hour session where we deliver a design concept that includes and is not limited to color suggestions, wall treatments, furniture suggestions, and general layouts for remodels.

Full Home Remodel

We work in both large and small scale remodels. We have an exceptional list of sub-contractors that we work with to achieve projects.  Our projects range from tearing down walls and re building spaces, tiling, and painting. 

Re – design of space

When the space is architecturally feeling good we help re design the visual aesthetics.  This includes painting, decorative wall treatmens such as plaster and lime paint, and choosing art and furniture. 

We prioritize working local and hand made and are grateful to have such amazingly talented artists and craftspeople to collaborate with. 

We can offer high quality and affordable custom woodwork, countertops, furniture, glassware and lighting. 

Sheryl Lock

Sheryl Lock

My design work is rooted in the practical. Function on the forefront. I love creating space. Repurposing, creating new from old, being true to materials, honoring the landscape, bring the outside in, a mix of textures, and an honoring of the people who live there. 
I listen first, place myself there and then create from a feeling that is translated.  

We also love collaboration projects! There will almost always be a collaboration between the two of us. Scope of work and type of project will determine the amount of collaboration.

Stop on by or give us a call! We would love to dream with you!

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