handcrafted house is where creativity meets expertise. We integrate our unique understanding of design with our extensive construction experience. Our team ensures a harmonious journey from concept to completion. In addition, only at handcrafted house can you explore a diverse range of decorative finishes and  natural plasters.

Let us help you create a space you can thrive in!

handcrafted house has great products and amazing service.  We love the paint, my crew won’t let me get anything else, it covers great and no more respirators.  We can repaint a room and the tenants can move in the next day with no fumes.”

Charles Shaw, Smiley Building

“Sheryl at handcrafted house was a pure delight to work with. She has excellent spatial knowledge, elevated my own style and accommodated changes flawlessly. Her unflustered nature was a calming influence throughout our kitchen and bath remodel. I highly, and without reservation, recommend handcrafted house for all your design needs.”

Paula Mills, Durango

"Sheryl has a unique and artistic approach to color and light. She is full of ideas, but with her, your own wants and needs for your home reign supreme. Sheryl also has a good knowledge of local vendors and gets things done quickly."

Cathryn Bauer, Edgemont

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