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    New paint job for stucco, doors, facia and trim.


    We love working with LOCAL ARTISTS and REPURPOSING whatever is possible. Sheryl and AliciaRose just finished working on the first phase of a house remodel.  Below is a glimpse of the mudroom.  We repurposed the cabinet box and collaborated with Animas Artisans for the custom concrete countertop and Jesse Crawford for all of the custom woodwork.

    We feature home goods made by both these artists as well as others for sale and in our shop. Pop on in at the corner of E 2nd Ave. and 13th st. 

    Handcrafted House has been weaving its roots in the Durango community for over 10 years. This spring Sheryl Lock is partnering up with AliciaRose Pastore to revamp the business.

    Local • Handcrated 

    Our retail space is filled with home goods and furniture all hand crafted by local artists. 

    Sustainable Design is a thoughtful approach of services and materials that take into great consideration the environmental, social and economical impact that will be left behind.

    “Handcrafted house has great products and amazing service.  We love mythic paint, my crew won’t let me get anything else, it covers great and no more respirators.  We can repaint a room and the tenants can move in the next day with no fumes.”

    Charles Shaw, Smiley Building

    “When it came time to choose colors for our interior bathrooms and exterior trim, we took a short trip up the hill to handcrafted house.  We had heard nothing but great things about their customer service and eco-friendly products — and we were not disappointed.  Sheryl was extremely patient and helpful as we sat in the store and poured over colors for what seemed like forever!  The paints we chose had beautiful coverage, were very easy to work with, and they look amazing.  Sheryl is a wealth of knowledge and can help guide you to fabulous results!”

    Animas Brewing Company

    “Sheryl has been a pleasure to do business with. Her professionalism, attention to detail, and hands on experience have been invaluable assets to my project. You’re always greeted with a smile when you walk into the store!”

    Gary Frost, Alumni U of HK