Local Art

We love utilising local recources and value the local artistic tallent Durango has to offer. Our friends at Studio & are an excellent recorce to connect us with artists and art that weaves perfectly into your design needs.

Studio & Gallery is a gathering place for art and ideas in the heart of downtown Durango, Colorado. They’re a gallery and working studio space where artists and community have been coming together to express and connect since 2010.

Owned by five local artists who manage the space, Studio & is focused on providing opportunities for creative talent and encouraging the conversations that grow around them. Studio & is dedicated to spreading art and ideas in the name of progress.

Everything on display at Studio & Gallery is made by the owners or the select group of artists they represent. Their rotating monthly exhibitions are curated in-house and are ever-evolving affairs that bring together and showcase contemporary work from local, regional and national artists.

Studio & Gallery loves to share the unique visions and voices of the local creative community and are inspired by the discussions they provoke. Next time you find yourself in the vicinity, please stop by, take a look around and join in on the conversation.

You can learn more about Studio & online at anddurango.com