Sheryl Lock

I love design, I am passionate about sustainability, and how we relate to our environment. I studied Fine Arts and Architecture at University of WI- Milwaukee and found that what intrigued me the most was- sense of space. How you can create an environment through the “feel” of a room. I haven’t let go of that, and now I get to help others find what they want to create. I graduated with a BFA in 1994, moved to Durango and discovered Natural Building as my new study.

I began by working within the natural building community in Durango and appreciated with well known natural plaster guru, Carole Crews in Taos, NM. I knew working with natural products that didn’t make homeowners or the people applying them feel sick was the only way I could work.

So I took my experience and created Handcrafted House. Using those products, I can help people visualize a space, create new ideas and possibilities, and I so enjoy doing it. I have since gone back to school to for Interior Design which is giving me the knowledge to take it to a whole new level. Offering design for small projects to large, handcrafted house is your new design center.