Sheryl Lock and handcrafted + house

I love design, I am passionate about sustainability, and how we relate to our environment. I studied Fine Arts and Architecture at University of WI- Milwaukee and found that what intrigued me the most was- sense of space. How you can create an environment through the “feel” of a room or something handmade. I haven’t let go of that, and now I get to help others find what they want to create. I graduated with a BFA in 1994, moved to Durango and discovered Natural Building as my new study, moving on to create handcrafted house. Now offering my joy of home and making into one place. A design center for all your home needs, bringing craft into a shared experience.

After 8 years running a retail store, I see the need for access to more creative people that want to help you with your home experience, which is handcrafted + house. Bringing products, interior design, craft class, workshops, design and renderings, we can help you visualize a space, create new ideas and possibilities, and so enjoy doing it. handcrafted house is your new design center, a collaborative creation.