Color and 2017

2017 is in full swing and the inward time of winter is the perfect time to take a good look at the things you’d like to change, naturally right? Well at handcrafted house it is truly a perfect time because as you spend more time inside, not only looking deeper at who we are as a person we also look at our outter envelope of “home”. Does your space need a change? Paint and color is a great addition. A little color can change your life, that’s not just a saying. At handcrafted house don’t need to worry about opening your windows to be able to paint, just pick a color that speaks to you and go for it! Colors of 2017? Here are some picks from our Colorhouse line- stop in for some one on one help in choosing what works for you space!

2017 will be bright yellow, deep grey, and dusty blues.


Velorution Cycles uses handcrafted house finishes

Meet Joey Ernst

Yellow wall paint

Yellow wall paint from handcrafted house.

Joey is the owner and bicycle extraordinaire of Velorution Cycles.


Velorution Cycles opened January 1, 2012 and then quickly expanded to give even a greater selection of everything bicycle and he used handcrafted house for all their finishes!

IMG_9623Velorution Cycles are available to provide you with bikes, gear, service, and knowledge based on decades of experience.  Whether you are bikepacking & touring, commuting & gravel grinding; trail riding & fat bikes – they speak your language (get ready to ride in the snow and visit Joey for a fat bike of your very own).

VC says “philosophically speaking, we truly think bicycles are one of mankind’s greatest inventions and that they can be an important part of the puzzle our species is finding itself in dire need of solving”. I say good point.


Not only does Joey carry great bikes- he has some awesome apparel too! (which can also be ordered online).

Interview with Joey

How did you decide to open a bike shop?

handcrafted house satin finish on hardwood floor

I’ve worked in the bicycle industry since I was 14 years old.  I’ve worked at shops across the country, and spent three years on the World Cup MTB race circuit as a mechanic for our National Team.  After traveling all the time got old, I decided to settle in Durango, and opening a bike shop was just a logical progression of my career!

What made you decide to use products from handcrafted house in your store?


Counter wood stain from handcrafted house

Having grown up on a homestead in the middle of a nature preserve, and being married to a commune-raised semi-hippie, I guess you could say I didn’t even consider any other options.  I care about my employees’ health, my customers’ health, the state of our planet, and my health.  I knew HH carried Mythic finishes and I was looking for low-VOC paints and stains; I’m not okay with sitting in a shop for 10 hours while breathing paint fumes.  Finally, Sheryl and Lars are awesome folks and wonderful to deal with!  Keep business local!

What makes you stand out from other bike shops?

IMG_9613We stand apart from other shops for several reasons.  We focus heavily on segments like bikepacking and touring, and while those have been exploding in popularity in 2015, we’ve been doing it for years and we’re known nationally for being a true adventure-based shop.  And not to sound self-centered, but there are few shops that are run day-to-day by someone with 20 years of high-level experience; I choose employees very carefully, so that our customers know to expect a very high level of service!  Sometimes this means I’m a stressed, one-man show… but it’s all in the name of quality.  🙂

Contact Joey

IMG_9611Joey Ernst
Velorution Cycles
1077 Main Ave, Durango, CO 81301

Freshen up for Spring!!

Color added to deepen paverAt Handcrafted House Spring is in full gear and that means time to add a little love to your home and yard. As we spend more time outside you start to notice that the deck or hand rail needs some oil or maybe that adirondack chair needs some paint and what about that planter box? It can seem intimidating to start a new project but oh how satisfying when you are having a back yard bar-b-que next time. Time in the yard is so rewarding when you can look around and see the little improvements maybe even with a splash of color. Pigmented oils are one of the easiest ways to give new life to wood, and food grade oils are also available for your picnic or grilling table! Adding some pigment to your oil is the best UV blocking protection acting like a shield for the wood. Did you know that some of the oil products on the market like “Boiled Linseed” had very little linseed oil at all? Mostly consisting of solvents that can give off horrible fumes and plenty of headaches due to the super high toxin and VOC content. Concrete? Stone? We also have products for you to add a bit of color or to just seal. A quality sealer will protect the surface from staining and weather damage, also making it easier to clean. A penetrating sealer will block unwanted moisture, protect against salt and de-icing chemicals, acid rain, and erosion.



Stop in at Handcrafted House for some more ideas to add love to your porch or yard this season!



Hot Paint Colors and Trends of 2012

Hot picks for color this year are reaching into nature. Maybe experts predict this because we all yearn to bring nature closer as our society tends to push it further away. Looking at predictions for popular colors in the 2012, I’ve put together a palette featuring Mythic paint colors that I think consumers will gravitate toward. There is always a top base color, meaning the neutral color to work around. This color tends to change about every decade, and currently that color is grey- all shades of grey, from warm to cool and light to dark. Grey with brighter splashes of color, because all grey wouldn’t work for most of us.  Choosing those splash colors is the difficult part because just as consumers are being cautious with their spending, this also leads to being cautious with their design. The best thing about using color sparingly is that it is easy to change out as time moves on and your needs change.  So the neutral colors are safe, and allow for the bold accessory colors to add the pop. So are we ready…..

The prediction of 2012 colors:

Base Grey: Splint of Silver and variations of this……

Splint of Silver

Top Picks: Carrot, Twist of Lemon, Dusty Mauve, Hazel’s Eyes, McGregor’s Garden, Bridgeview.

Here is another look to change things up this year. Brick. Faux brick of course. Brick created out of plaster and sand. This look is in so many catalogs and magazines, right now- (like you see many brick interior walls. Here are some sample photos. Super fun warehouse-like look…… 

I am looking forward to helping you create your space this year. Stop in and see the possibilities.

~Sheryl Lock, handcrafted house

Mythic’s Dealer of the Month

Dealer of the month

After 12 years of working in the Green Building field onsite, and operating as Hansen Handcrafted Finishes for 6 of those, which specializes in Interior Clay and Lime finishes, we decided to take our business to the next level. In 2010 we opened Handcrafted House, a retail store dedicated to sustainable living and non-toxic finishes. The decision to include Mythic Paint in our product mix was a simple one and sales have already exceeded our expectations. When first looking at which paint to carry, I called around the country to ask other retailers which paint they felt was the best. Tops ratings went to Mythic, and I placed my order. My husband Lars and I have immersed ourselves into the community in an effort to get the word out and it’s working. The community of Durango, Colorado has been extremely supportive and has embraced our vision for a healthy home environment. People want to change and we’re giving them the tools to make that happen. During our first Contractor open house in March we presented the Mythic line, including Mythic Pro and Black Label, Jeff Davis, our rep did a fantastic job both in explanation and with people working hands on. The response was tremendous and we pre-sold two new construction projects with Mythic Pro! We’re seeing our vision come to life and our partnership with Mythic has helped pave the way…


Sheryl Lock

Facebook: Handcrafted House