Hot Paint Colors and Trends of 2012

Hot picks for color this year are reaching into nature. Maybe experts predict this because we all yearn to bring nature closer as our society tends to push it further away. Looking at predictions for popular colors in the 2012, I’ve put together a palette featuring Mythic paint colors that I think consumers will gravitate toward. There is always a top base color, meaning the neutral color to work around. This color tends to change about every decade, and currently that color is grey- all shades of grey, from warm to cool and light to dark. Grey with brighter splashes of color, because all grey wouldn’t work for most of us.  Choosing those splash colors is the difficult part because just as consumers are being cautious with their spending, this also leads to being cautious with their design. The best thing about using color sparingly is that it is easy to change out as time moves on and your needs change.  So the neutral colors are safe, and allow for the bold accessory colors to add the pop. So are we ready…..

The prediction of 2012 colors:

Base Grey: Splint of Silver and variations of this……

Splint of Silver

Top Picks: Carrot, Twist of Lemon, Dusty Mauve, Hazel’s Eyes, McGregor’s Garden, Bridgeview.

Here is another look to change things up this year. Brick. Faux brick of course. Brick created out of plaster and sand. This look is in so many catalogs and magazines, right now- (like you see many brick interior walls. Here are some sample photos. Super fun warehouse-like look…… 

I am looking forward to helping you create your space this year. Stop in and see the possibilities.

~Sheryl Lock, handcrafted house