Freshen up for Spring!!

Color added to deepen paverAt Handcrafted House Spring is in full gear and that means time to add a little love to your home and yard. As we spend more time outside you start to notice that the deck or hand rail needs some oil or maybe that adirondack chair needs some paint and what about that planter box? It can seem intimidating to start a new project but oh how satisfying when you are having a back yard bar-b-que next time. Time in the yard is so rewarding when you can look around and see the little improvements maybe even with a splash of color. Pigmented oils are one of the easiest ways to give new life to wood, and food grade oils are also available for your picnic or grilling table! Adding some pigment to your oil is the best UV blocking protection acting like a shield for the wood. Did you know that some of the oil products on the market like “Boiled Linseed” had very little linseed oil at all? Mostly consisting of solvents that can give off horrible fumes and plenty of headaches due to the super high toxin and VOC content. Concrete? Stone? We also have products for you to add a bit of color or to just seal. A quality sealer will protect the surface from staining and weather damage, also making it easier to clean. A penetrating sealer will block unwanted moisture, protect against salt and de-icing chemicals, acid rain, and erosion.



Stop in at Handcrafted House for some more ideas to add love to your porch or yard this season!